Tossed & Found thesis project

Every year swim centers throw away hundreds of towels left in the lost and found. For my thesis project I wanted to address this waste issue. The main goal of this project is to educate the public on waste through bringing a community together. I see the towels as an analogy for the Hercules Swim Center community, each one has its own story and a place in the community. Every towel was brought to the pool by someone, I named each towel and wrote each a fictional back story. I collected, washed, cut, and sewed abandoned towels into unique beach blankets. Every blanket has a different design and comes with a booklet with all the stories and chapters for activities at the pool: Lap swim, Swim Lessons, Rec. Swim, Swim Team, and Birthday Parties. The stories and chapter heads feature colourful, humorous, and insightful writing based in my experience as a lifeguard. The structure of the booklet exhibits alternating page sizes. The design takes full advantage of the two page sizes, each chapter is slightly different to reflect the different activities while playing with the physical act of turning a page. The booklet also has a page to let the […]
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Calarts Jazz CD

Every year the music school produces a Jazz CD with Capitol Records. This is a huge deal for the music students and an equally great opportunity for the design school because we get the chance to create album art for an actual product. After talking to several jazz students the concept that lead my design was the idea that modern jazz has many layers and is multi- faceted incorporating the various melodies and sounds. The approach I chose was to shoot stacks of various materials. As you look through the CD I wanted the feeling of excavating; looking deeper and deeper through layers of “music” and discovering what jazz is. I made a choice not to work digitally, creating a sense of realness and texture. I hat a lot of fun working on this project, one of my favorites from last year.
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Cluster Pop-up Shop

Centered around the theme of healthy food, several classmates and I created a weekly pop-up shop in front of the cafeteria at CalArts. All of the snacks were home made by us and could be purchased for just a dollar or a trade. Each week we rotated design jobs so that everyone could participate in one of four jobs: advertising, product packaging, the snacks, and a publication that includes the week's recipes and other information. This was a collaboration with Tiffanie Tran , Lila Burns , and Gabby Datau . Chip Week. I made the publication.
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