C.O.E. Children’s Book Illustrations

I was thrilled to illustrate a series of seven books for Circle of Education, an Early Learning Readiness, Social Emotional Wellness, Academic Development and Behavioral Health program. It’s been a joy and a privilege to collaborate with Dr. Shulamit Natan Ritblatt; an early childhood education visionary, leading expert in early childhood social-emotional development, and the mastermind behind The Circle of Education program.

I put a lot of creative effort and love into bringing Dr. Ritblatt’s characters and stories to life. Using a combination of hand drawn illustrations, mixed media paintings, and digital compositing I created these beautiful full page illustrations. Along the way I learned a considerable amount about what young kids need/respond to visually. Working closely with Dr. Ritblatt we were able to translate her years of childhood development expertise into thoughtful graphics; taking into account specific factors such as textures, colors, shapes, facial expressions, and page composition.

The books all have positive lessons and serve to further connect the children to the various program characters as well as strengthen bonds between the child and parent. All seven books are available in print, and ebook with Spanish/English bilingual versions and other languages in the works.

Book 1: “Steam Coming Out of My Ears”

Book 2: “Gray, Gray, Go Away!”

Book 3: “The Key to my Listening Ears”

Book 4: “What is Love?

Book 5: “The Colors are Back!”

Book 6: “The Chain-link Made of Words”

Book 7: “Where are my Family Roots?”


Tablet Versions also available.